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In The Arena

Thank you to all those that attended In The Arena (formerly known as Make it Happen) on Wednesday 17th April 2013!  In The Arena number 4 was about legacy and creating the world for those yet to come.  In the Olympics, we made lots of promises about inspiring a generation.  This was our chance to be co-workers with you in delivering on that organising principal and unifying dream...

...and boy did we do it!  A fantastic day!  See you all again in September 2014!

Kriss Akabusi MBE

We had a great line up of speakers, some who have spoken before at In The Arena, along with some fresh, exciting and impressive speakers!

Phil Jones - Entrepreneurship
Steve Head - Motivation
Jane Gunn - Conflict Resolution
Matthew Poyiadgi - Social Media
Steve Head - Boosting your Sales
Katie Hart - Psychology of Marketing

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