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Hello, and welcome to the official website of The Akabusi Company! When you think of me, what do you see?  A sportsman?  A television personality?  The big laugh?  Well, I am those things – and more.

For over twenty years, The Akabusi Company has provided high-energy, inspirational speeches, workshops, and coaching for businesses and events across the UK. For a rousing conference keynote that leaves your delegates inspired, or a workshop that instills a ‘can-do’ attitude in your team, you’re in the right place.  Maybe you need your messages communicated in a fun-loving way, or you want to see how coaching can take you and your organisation to the next level?  I’m your man.

Think of me and my team as an additional resource to you – the conference organiser or senior manager.  We promise a fully bespoke experience that leaves your delegates or team inspired, encouraged, motivated, and engaged!

Kriss' Quote Of The Month

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes!” - Carl G. Jung


Working With Kriss


Working with Kriss is an unforgettable experience.  He takes the time to fully understand your event or business, your delegates or team, and your objectives.  In turn, he creates a truly memorable, inspirational experience, ensuring an even better return on your investment!


Support Team

From your first contact with The Akabusi Company to the very end of your event, our support team is on hand to guide you through each stage.  Need help with the booking process? Got questions? Relax – your event is safe in our hands.

Social Media and PR

With a dedicated Social Media and PR manager on hand, we’ll work with you as your event approaches, helping you get the most from opportunities to expose and promote your business.

Briefing Calls

Our pre-event briefing calls are designed so Kriss and the team can get a real grip on your goals and vision. Tell us about you, your company, and where you want to be – and Kriss will design a way to help you get there.

Tailored To Audience

Every speech, presentation, and workshop is tailored to you and your business.  Share your objectives with Kriss, and he’ll create something just for you and your team – there’s no cookie-cutter approach here!


Kriss takes pride in being involved in your business’ growth.  As such, he’ll be involved right from the start.  He’s not just some ‘in/out’ speaker – he’ll meet your delegates, take selfies, shake hands, creating a truly personal experience they’ll remember forever.

Post Event Feedback

When your event is over, our job isn’t done.  We’ll keep in touch to learn your thoughts and understand your experiences, and will be on hand with ways to keep our partnership going.

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At The Akabusi Company we offer a variety of services that communicate high energy and inspirational messages.
From the conference platform, to workshops, through to brand partnerships, we individually tailor our strategy to align with your business goals.

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