The Power of Self Belief and Dreaming Big

The Power of Self Belief and Dreaming Big

by The Akabusi Company

Kriss was interviewed by Escape The Rat Race Radio, and discussed self belief and mindset. A thought-provoking discussion! 

A few of the key take homes:

  • Why we should appreciate the opportunity we have ‘right here, right now’ to interact with over 7.5 billion other people on earth
  • Why it is so important to surround yourself with people who will support your dreams rather than hold you back
  • How joining the army led to Kriss finding his first mentor, which eventually led him to winning an Olympic Medal for the British Athletics Team
  • Why it is only important to know what your dream is, what your goal is and what your passion is…today. Don’t get too caught up in trying to predict the future as it can sometimes cause overwhelm
  • How Kriss came to the decision to end his athletics career and launch his own company to train and support business owners and entrepreneurs
  • How one of the things that holds so many people back is receiving feedback
  • Why Kriss loves Millennials, however he does feel they have been served a bad hand
  • The big questions of life which Kriss is now asking through his newfound passion of existential psychotherapy


To listen to the interview CLICK HERE

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