Airbus Flying Challenge- BBC Look East

Airbus Flying Challenge- BBC Look East

by The Akabusi Company

Kriss teamed up with Airbus Foundation, to support their new drive to inspire the next generation of astronauts and engineers.

Twenty school children, from a range of backgrounds and abilities, have been selected for Airbus Foundation’s Flying Challenge, and Kriss met with these young people and spoke to them to give them an inspiration boost.

When asked how he would feel if in 20 years one of these young people, who went on to work in the field, said they remembered his inspirational words Kriss said, “That would be amazing! One of my big points is about paying it forward. My life sentence is this; success is defined by the life you lead, the lessons you learn and the legacy you leave.

To watch the heart-warming BBC Look East segment click here.

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