There’s no better way to get your team on board, onside, and working together than with one of Kriss’ bespoke workshops. Perfect for conveying an executive objective in an engaging, impactful and positive way, or simply to help employees gain a better understanding of themselves and each other, the outcomes can be simply astonishing.

Once everyone in your organisation is on the same page, then the magic happens.

Kriss will work closely with you to identify the core aims of your workshop. He’ll then advise the best style and format, using tried-and-tested techniques that have proved revolutionary to his clients, and design something just for you and your team.

Workshop Overview

Workshops with Kriss are curated to show how we all think very differently, how diversity is key, how we start life as a blank slate and then pick up information as we go along. Their design unearths the complexity of our thinking, and how we can be constrained/ liberated by our thoughts and in turn, how this can help us achieve our goals, whether personal (for personal workshops) or professional (for corporate workshops).  

What can people expect from taking a workshop with Kriss?

Anyone who attends a workshop with Kriss will be given the opportunity to be introspective about their life. Kriss’ workshop ethos is “All of us know more than any one of us” and within the group, delegates will see the similarities that make them champions and the differences that make them unique. Attendees will unearth a latent idea within themselves, will be guided to ultimately reconnect with life passionately and live life on purpose. Throughout the workshop Kriss will help them develop the tools to be purposeful and mindful about their life.

How would a company benefit from engaging Kriss?

A company would engage Kriss to get their C-suite/ heads of department/ workforce to buy-in to the corporate strategy, without imposing it on them. Instead, the team becomes a part and parcel of developing the strategy. Throughout the workshop, Kriss will guide delegates to not just look at the big picture of the business, but also take the time to identify what could be getting in the way. Together, workshop attendees will identify how to achieve the strategy and will dismantle the issues, in order to achieve the goal.

Any other info?

All of Kriss’ workshops are entirely bespoke. An ideal group would be of about 35-40 people, and can be run over a half day, full day or two days. 

Kriss draws on a variety of tools, some of which are listed below;

  • Johari Matrix / Our individual journey into consciousness
  • Wall of Complexity / Dismantling obstacles
  • Dream Big / Vision boards
  • A Picture Paints 1000 Words / The dynamic of working together in unstructured teams
  • Motivational Maps / What drives us
  • Clarity 4D / How we communicate
  • Cycle of Renewal / Success Strategies (The obstacle is the way!)
  • Rule of Life / There is a final whistle 
  • Blob Tree / Voices in the room 
  • Personal Shields / Tools that say “I can do this”

If you want Kriss to add some extra spark to you or your team, get in touch to find out more.

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